Wednesday, September 24, 2008

On my way! Oh, the joys of travelling...

Well, I am writing this post somewhere between Terminal A and Terminal B in the Philadelphia International Airport around 1 pm (EST). I not-so-happily woke up at 3:30 am this morning, after finishing packing around midnight, and waved good bye to Denver. I personally think I should win some kind of an award for always packing mere hours before my departure...and for (unintentionally) continually pushing the weight limitations....and I think my parents would agree. :-) To my credit, though, I had started packing a few days before, but its the odds and ends that kind of throw efficiency (and weight limits) out the window. I happily checked two bags, weighing 50 lbs and 52 lbs, and carried on two carry-ons. Needless to say, I have a challenge awaiting me when I arrive in Madrid. I'll probably make a few people laugh as I struggle through the airport with 9 months worth of stuff, trying to clear customs and find my connecting flight to Jerez in less than an hour's time. I'm looking forward to it...

Once I get to the airport in Jerez, I have to find a way to get to the actual city (Jerez de la Frontera). Most likely there is an airport shuttle bus (similar to the one in Granada). Then, I *think* I can catch a bus to Ubrique. The online bus schedules are none too clear, so we will see what happens there. When (and if I am able) to get to Ubrique, I will have to find my way to some internet cafe and call the teacher who is so kindly allowing me to rent out a room until I find a permanent place to stay. Wish me luck there, too....I can't wait to lug all my luggage up some narrow, steep, cobble-stone streets as I search for my new residence.

Don't get me wrong, I am quite excited (thrilled, actually) to be several hours into my journey across the Atlantic. And all these uncertainties and ambiguities add a bit of pizazz. However, I wouldn't be opposed to having a little more insight into things. But what the heck, its an adventure of a lifetime, right?! And what fun would it be to tell you guys that everything is flawlessly coordinated and everything is going according to plan?! I would much prefer to write about some crazy adventure with a few glitches here and there. So long as I arrive safely and with all of my belongings, I'm pretty much up for anything!

Next time I write, I will be in Ubrique (or so I hope...haha)! So talk to you then! Miss you all already!

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