Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dos Patitos (My Birthday in Spain!!!)

I now have "Los Dos Patitos!" Well, I will start with a quick explanation. In Spain, one´s 22nd birthday is commonly referred to as the "dos patitos" (or two ducks). I will give you a minute or two to think about that. Well, you are probably mind boggled and trying to figure it out ...Give up? It is called the "two ducks" because the number 2, according to my friends, looks like a duck. And two 2s, look like two ducks. Therefore, los dos patitos. ¿Me comprendes?! But if you are more comfortable, you can just say my 22nd birthday. I´m okay with that, too.

I must admit that my 22nd Birthday ranks as one of the best of my life (not counting my 21st for which my amazing dad sent me to Mexico for a week!). The weekend started off with a big surprise. I received a birthday package...and the lovely delivery man informed me that I had to pay a small customs fee of 56 euros. I thought he was joking. He was not. So after paying my 56 euro fee, I dug in to the beautiful gifts inside. My parents sure do know how to shop for their daughter. Thanks to them, I had a lovely outfit to wear out on the town on my special night!!!

Besides receiving a fairly expensive birthday package (haha), I had a few other surprises pop up thanks to my new group of (Spanish) friends who are absolutely fantastic. In fact, I couldn´t ask for better. We all went out, as we do every Friday, for some relaxed chit chat and beers (I drink Shandy..since I hate beer) at Gabana. Afterwards, we grabbed a bite to eat, and then hit the bars, mentioned a couple times that it was my birthday (...and got a few freebies) and danced the night away...until 3:30 am. On Saturday, a group of 6 of us took off to go to Ana Esther´s country house in Arcos de la Frontera. There, her parents made us an amazing lunch of Paella, chicken, oysters, chorizá, fresh bread, and two birthday cakes (one chocolate and one strawberry cheesecake!). While eating lunch outside and enjoying the sunshine (after a week of rain!), the girls ran out to their car and brought back a large package. I opened it...and must admit let out a small shriek of excitment! It was a leather jacket that I first saw in January and had had my eye on for the past three months. Long story short, I REALLY wanted it, and was completely SURPRISED to open it! :)

After several hours in the country, we headed back to Ubrique, went our separate ways, got dressed up to head to the clubs, and met up at midnight. What followed was nothing more than a wonderful evening with some wonderful friends, good music, lots of dancing, and a few drinks here and there. :) Couldn´t have asked for a better, more fun birthday or better company (if only the parentals and fam had been here).

* * * *
To all of you who sent me cards and remembered my birthday, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Aunt Kathy and Uncle Mike
Aunt Shelley
Aunt Lyndi
Aunt Sue
Cuz Julie
Mom and Dad!!!!!

And all my friends, thanks!

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