Friday, March 20, 2009

The Quirks, Ins-and-Outs, and Best Parts of Spain

The take-away on Spain (and Ubrique):

1. Andalucians are the nicest, most wonderful people you will ever meet.
2. On a sunny day, you won´t find a cloud in the sky for miles.
3. You´ve never seen such a bright blue sky in your life.
4. You cannot leave your house without seeing at least 5 people you know.
5. You can walk out your door and be in the mountains in under 10 minutes.
6. Everyone speaks to everyone.
7. Not a minute goes by where you don´t hear someone honking their horn (this is their way of saying hi to a fellow driver or someone walking on the street).
8. You don´t need a car to get around Spain. Walking gets you almost everywhere. And where you can´t go walking, public transportation is cheap and does the trick.
9. There are millions of goats, sheep, pigs, and cows (and bulls) roaming the countryside.
10. Sometimes you have to wait on the road while the sheep or goats take their leisurely time getting accross.
11. Horseback riding into the sunset is amazing.
12. Cadiz has a month long party...every year. What could be better?!
13. Paella. Its amazing.
14. Local bars and local parties...every weekend.
15. Free (or at least affordable) health care. For the first time in my life I didn´t have to pay to visit a doctor when I was sick. It is an amazing feeling.
16. Humility. The people here are humble.
17. You´ve never seen so many recycle bins in your life. Paper. Glass. Plastic. etc.
18. Flamenco and other cultural dances and traditions.
19. Town processions and holiday festivities truly incorporate everyone.
20. No racism (or at least no visible racism).
21. Cost of life is reasonable.
22. People help each other out. Neighbors help neighbors. People don´t just look the other way.
23. Spaniards know how to party, and how to rest. All stores are closed on Sundays. As such, I recommend getting groceries on Saturday. ;)
24. Spanish is a "super guay" (super cool) language.
25. You learn to appreciate hot water and hot showers...because at least once a month, you have to take a freezing cold one.
26. Drying your clothes outside on a clothesline...its just...natural.
27. There are almost no places with central heating. Wear layers.
28. The siesta. Even if you don´t sleep the siesta, you still have a 2 hour break in the work day.
29. Almost everyone has brown hair. So yes, blondes do have more fun!
30. I will most certainly be adding stay tuned.


Lisa said...

Sangria? Tinto? Las playas?? HoooollaaA?? Equalidad social??

Debakamom said...

I am so anxious to visit Ubrique and meet your wonderful friends and the many gracious people of the community. Ubrique and its people sound like a piece of heaven on earth. What a wonderful experience.