Monday, October 5, 2009

I've Arrived Safe and Sound!

Greetings from Ubrique! You will all be glad to know that I successfully arrived to my little flat in Ubrique after a long 28 hours of travel. This year I took a slightly different route, flying from Denver – Toronto – Madrid, catching the train from Madrid to Sevilla, and then by car from Sevilla to Ubrique. I left Thursday morning and got in a little after 7:00 pm Friday evening…just in time to drop off my luggage and run to get some bed sheets before the stores closed (since I didn’t find a bare mattress that appealing). It was quite a challenge to get to the store, since it was Friday evening and the whole town was out on the Avenida wanting to talk to me! I eventually made it, however, and enjoyed a lovely 10 hours of sleep!

My new flat is much larger than the one I had the previous year, but the location is not quite as ideal. Needless to say, I still have a view of the mountains from my bedroom, so I am happy. It has three bedrooms, two complete bathrooms (which are important since three of us girls are living here), a huge kitchen, a lovely sitting room/salon, and lots of storage space (which I was severely lacking last year). My roommates this year are very nice, and it looks like we will get along well. All three of us are working at Fernando Gavilan; one is a teacher (from Sevilla) and the other is an auxiliar de conversacion (like me) and is from New Jersey. Both are very neat and organized, which is an automatic bonus!

To be honest, I haven’t done too much since I’ve been here, so I don’t have much more to repot. Over the weekend, I just unpacked, ran errands, and relaxed. I also went for a walk/run along my favorite route! I’m already getting a routine down…kind of. I'm also already frequenting the bars...multiple times a day! But not for the reason you're thinking... We don't have internet yet, so I've been heading down to my favorite hangout and using the free WiFi. So if you e-mail me and you don't get a timely response, the lack of internet in my flat is my excuse. And, as soon as I know my address, I will let you all know…just in case anyone wants to send me snail mail.

I’ll close for now but will keep you updated on my second year adventures in Ubrique.

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