Thursday, February 25, 2010

Carnaval in Fernando Gavilan

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In the spirit of Carnaval, we also had a "Carnaval dress up day" at CEIP Fernando Gavilán. We had normal classes throughout the morning, and then at recess, we all dressed up. For the last 90 minutes or so of the day, we went with our students on a parade throughout the surrounding neighborhood. Parents and onlookers lined the streets as 200 or so little munchkins paraded around. Since it has been raining so much (SO MUCH) this year, the theme was "water." However, we had a bit of everything and costumes ranged from frogs, to water drops, to suns, to pirates...

Hope you enjoy the photos:
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En el espíritu del Carnaval, nosotros también tuvimos un "Día de Carnaval" en CEIP Fernando Gavilán. Tuvimos clases normales a través de la mañana, pero después de recreo, todo el mundo se disfrazó. Para los últimos 90 minutos, fuimos con nuestros estudiantes en un desfile a través del barrio. Los padres y los espectadores forraron las calles mientras más o menos 200 chiquitines desfilaron por la calle. Desde que ha estado lloviendo tanto (TANTO) este año, el tema fue "agua". Sin embargo, nosotros tuvimos un poco de todo y los disfraces recorrieron de ranas, a gotitas de agua, a soles, a piratas...

Espere que disfrutes de las fotos:

Then, on Thursday, February 25th, we celebrated "Dia de Andalucia" (which is actually the 28th of February). At 10:30 am all grades headed downstairs to the patios and enjoyed a typical andalucian breakfast (consisting of toast, olive oil, and ham). After recess, everyone gathered to sing the Hymn of Andalucia, and read some poems by famous Andalucian authors. Then, after a cheery half-hour singing and waving green and white balloons (representative of the Andalucian flag), we all headed back to class. Be sure to check out the youtube video at the bottom of this post :)

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Entonces, el jueves, 25 de febrero, celebramos "Dia de Andalucia" (que es realmente el 28 de febrero). A las 10:30 todos los cursos dirigieron abajo a los patios y disfrutaron de un desayuno típico de andalucia (consistiendo en pan/tostada, aceite de oliva, y jamón por supuesto). Después de recreo, todos reunieron para cantar el Himno de Andalucia, y leer algunos poemas escritos por famosos autores de Andalucia. Luego, después de una media hora alegre cantando y tirando globos verdes y blancos (representante de la bandera de Andalucia), todos regresamos a la clase.

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Debakamom said...

As always reading your blog makes the reader feel as if they are enjoying all the festivals right along with you. I think that you should add one more update and direct the readers to your YouTube videos. I know that family and friends here in the states would enjoy watching the men of Ubrique sing for the festival. Of course you would have to explain why they are in costume and give us a hint what the songs mean.